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How to Make a Flipbook with the fastest step-by-step manual

How to Make a Flipbook with the fastest step-by-step manual

I tried to make a flipbook for a real estate business that was a polished professional looking representation of the company. I needed to embed Youtube videos and audio tracks. The solution I've found in the free service

Since the flipbook was mainly to be used for marketing purposes, it was important to me that it could be integrated into a Twitter page and Facebook account. I also wanted the flipbook to be optimized for Google and Yahoo search engines so that potential customers could find it easily. It did not matter if they use a desktop computer or a mobile phone.

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Table of contents

How I made my flipbook

Once a potential client viewed the flipbook, it was crucial that the link to the company’s website was available within the flipbook. Otherwise, the flipbook would not serve its purpose.

I was having a difficult time incorporating these elements into the publication without having downloading various templates from numerous sources. It would take so much time to bring all these elements together in order to achieve a professional appearance of the flip book.

After a bit of research and comparisons, I came across the perfect solution YUMPU Publishing. The first thing I did was watch the short 2-minute video tutorial on Youtube. The video shows just how easy and quick it is to upload a PDF file and publish it online.

After watching the video, I logged onto YUMPU Publishing, and created an account, which was completely free. The signup process only took 3 minutes. So it was very quick and easy to start.

A good decision

For those who are unfamiliar, YUMPU Publishing is a digital publishing site that is completely free for all users. It provides the simulated experience of reading a printed publication, such as a magazine, catalog brochures or perhaps a printed flyer.

The difference is that instead of it being printed on paper, in YUMPU is printed online. Emerging and leading companies in many different fields such as fashion, art, and culture use this software.

After learning a bit more about YUMPU Publishing, I began to develop my flipbook. I was extremely excited now to make a html5 flipbook. Now that I was confident in knowing that all of the elements incorporate into my publication, I was able to create a finished product. To make a flipbook into an effective marketing piece for the client, the first and last page of the flipbook contained a link to the homepage of the company’s website.

Within the publication, I was able to include various links to corresponding web pages of the website, such as the “about us” page and the “contact us” page.

I was also able to embed several of the company’s instructional Youtube videos that would further explain particular topics and provide readers with resources and additional information.

My goal was to make sure that every reader that came across my flipbook became engaged in the content.

Work without problems

Once I finalized my flipbook animation, I saved it as a PDF so that I could upload the flipbook into YUMPU Publishing. I did not have any problems with the upload speed, distortion, or broken links, which surprised me. Everything was exactly where I placed it. How to make a flipbook is really easy.

Honestly, the uploading and review process was simple.

Once I added my title and saved the flipbook to the website, I was done.

I don’t have to enter my credit card information to publish my document online. Everything was absolutely free.

Once I was completely finished, I conducted a keyword search on Google and Yahoo. I wanted to see if my publication would be displayed in the search results as YUMPU asserts. Again, to my surprise, I was able to locate my flipbook within the keyword search results.

My conclusion

I would definitely recommend that anyone who desires to make a flipbook to publish online, and use as marketing, use these alternatives Issuu.

YUMPU appears to be the perfect choice for millions of professional publishers. I have saved me time, hassle and money. It was an awesome choice for me as well.

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