The free flipbook software saved my future career definitely. As a graphic designer jumping out of my employer’s shelter into my own business, I thought I knew how to make a flipbook “well enough”.

I realized there is no such adjective phrase as “well enough”. You either know how to make and publish a free flipbook with fascinating content that will grab the reader and hold them or you only know how to read one.

What is a flip book? I wanted to create a beautiful free flip book. Then I want share it on Facebook or embed it on my Blog.

At first, this seemed easy enough to accomplish. Initially, I used software like Issuu, Magcloud, Blurb or the Issuu alternative Slideshare. But I couldn’t get them to work like I wanted to and wasted a lot of time and money during the process. Defeated in an instantaneous meltdown, I next attempted to utilize Issuu to get my flip book assembled for network publications, but then also ran into bugs I couldn’t eradicate.

Perfecting my conceptions of how to make an awesome flipbook, were more complicated or perhaps flawed than I first thought, but in the end, it was pretty easy 🙂

Guide: How to make a flipbook online from scratch

The time needed: 10-20 minutes
Skill level: Beginner
Content: Creating PDF, Uploading PDF, Customizing Flipbook, Sharing and Embedding flipbook pdf.

As said too often in the business, “back to the drawing board”! I researched extensively how making a flipbook to find what I was missing. Yumpu’s site quickly lifted me free of the tar pit I had fallen into like a neophyte. Best of all, it was free. Its next best feature was it is so easy even a graphic designer who thought he knew everything “well enough” could implement every function.

This is the result of my “Flipbooks”:

How the software “Yumpu” works

Step 1 – Creating a PDF and uploading it

To use the free flipbook software, you will need a PDF file. If you already have a finished PDF for creating a flip book animation you can skip this step.

There are many tools to create PDF documents with, or you can just save a Word or Excel document as PDF. You can read how to save a Word or an Excel file as a PDF here. I used a template I got on to create my PDF. To find templates just search for the “Photoshop Magazine template” or something similar. Open the template in Photoshop or Indesign and style it as you like. I created an example sports magazine.

I used Adobe Photoshop to design my PDF magazine

When you are done, save it as a PDF file, by clicking on “File” and then “Save as”. Then choose “PDF” as the desired file type. If you save your design in multiple PDF files, you need to merge them into one single PDF. To do this you can use this free online tool called SmallPDF. You should be aware of the following guidelines when creating your PDF file:

  • The PDF is not safe.
  • PDF only contains single pages, all pages of the magazine must be in one PDF file
  • Used fonts should be embedded in the PDF because some fonts can’t be rendered properly
  • Texts are intact and vector, so no outlines or bitmap
  • PDF contains no hidden layers
  • PDF is optimized to a minimum of 180 DPI
  • All pages must have the same size
  • Pages are cropped and contain no visible cutting lines

Step 2 – Uploading your PDF

Go to and drag your PDF in the upload box:

For further processing, the file is uploaded to the servers.

Step 3 – Logging in and editing your profile

After the file has been uploaded, you can log in. Sign up for a free account with your email address by clicking on “Create a new Yumpu account”.

loggin in

You will then get an email, containing the activation link for your account. Click “Activate account”. You are almost done! Just enter a username and a safe password and your account are set up.

activate your account

If you want to change the profile and cover picture of your account, do the following:

the profile and cover picture of your account

Step 4 – Configuring your new free flipbook

After setting up your account, you can edit the details of your uploaded magazine. This includes title, description or edit tags. Adding this leads to better ranks in search engines like Google and it improves the reading experience of your readers. To do that, hover over your users’ account name in the upper right corner and choose “My Magazines”.

my publications

Next click on “Edit magazine” at the magazine you just uploaded.

edit your magazine

Now you are in the magazine settings. Choose a nice title and enter a description that fits your magazine.

Then also add a few Tags. The software may already have extracted a few tags automatically from your magazine. If they don’t represent the content of the flipbook, remove them by clicking on the little “x”. You should have at least 5 tags.

By adding tags, you can improve the search engine ranking of your flipbook in the Yumpu search and in all the other big search engines like Google as well.

adding tags

Congratulations! You just created and configured your first PDF Flip Book. Should you need any more help you can find answers here: Yumpu Support Knowledgebase

Step 5 – Embed and share your flipbook online

Now you can start sharing and embedding your newly created online flipbook animation.

Sharing the online flip book on social networks

This is really easy to do.

Open up the magazine you want to share and click the “Share” Button below the magazine.


Then choose the social network on which you want to share the flipbook. Enter a title and a description and hit enter. Done!

choose network to share
Embedding the flipbook on a website or blog

Embedding is also really easy to accomplish. Just open up a magazine as you did before and click the “Embed” button.

embed option

Now choose the Embed type you want to use. In our case, we want to embed the full flipbook into our website, so we choose the “Advanced Widget”. There are also some other widgets. For example, if you just want to embed the magazine cover, there is the “Cover Widget”, You can also embed a whole bookshelf with multiple magazines in it.

A new window opens in which we can configure the embed. You have many different style options, but the most important ones are “Size” and “Style”.

When you are done with styling your embed, click on save and copy the embed code. Paste this code anywhere in your websites HTML code and you are good to go.

embed code

That’s it! You completed my guide on how to create a flipbook and share it on your favorite platforms. If you liked this guide make sure to share it with your friends!

Benefits of using a flipbook over a simple PDF file:

If you follow this “How to create a flip-book guide”, you may already know how good a online flip book is for your publishing business. Here are the most important advantages of using a flipbook software free to publish your documents.

The technical functions delivered on how to make a flip book online that made the difference between failure and success for my first publication were:

  • It supports all mobile and desktop devices;
  • Optimized for all browsers;
  • Software customizes, allowing user ‘s own logo, own branding, multitude of choices; –
  • Easily embedded on user’s website and other media;
  • Fully intergrates all social networks permitting publications to millions;
  • Software embeds video and audio into user publications;
  • User can create link from pulication;
  • Customer support is unequaled.
This Software Provides Easy Professionalism
flipbook on laptop
flipbook on tablet

The results of my project were professional and yet attractive enough to acquire first attention. Using graphic design to augment the subject matter and keep the reader interested was a success in motion. Stating the achievement is not enough, of course. The reason must be worked out.

If I had first investigated how to make a flip book more thorough, I would have found that this is the only tool I need. I can publish my publication on Facebook or another online media site with the software. That publication put my work online for viewing by millions.

Available on all devices

If you know how to make a flipbook online, you can publish your magazines and documents for all devices. It doesn’t matter if your readers use Pcs, Tablets or Smartphones, create a flip book free that is created with this tool looks beautiful on all resolutions and screen sizes.

Even better, it supports HTML5, Flash, and Javascript so no matter which technology you use, you will always get the best readable result.



How to share an online Flipbook

Once you know how to make a flipbook app you need to find a way to share it with the world.

These flip book catalogs are easy to share on social media, and the system allows you to share with the click of a button.

There is a share button on every page, and there is a share button for the catalog itself. You get to decide how the catalog is going to look, and where it will be shared.

Every person who finds your catalog will be able to share the catalog with their friends and family. According to Wikipedia, here’s an image of a traditional flipbook.


The people that receive the catalog can open it on any platform, and they can read it easily on those platforms and offers support for mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

No matter where people are, they will be able to see the catalog that you have created just for your business.

Making a flip book is a great way to bring in more customers, and they allow you the best chance to make the most of your sales this year.

The software allows you to create catalogs with ease, and it helps you share them even more easily. You can create a catalog for every new season at your company, and you can edit your own catalog when you are trying to get it ready for new products and gives you all these options and more on making your own online flipbook for free.

Summary’s flipbook animation software is contrary to the old saw, “Do you want this fast or good?”

This software gives excellent with the speed of the internet publication. In today’s marketplace discovering a product so efficient, that is also free is becoming rarer with each new innovation developed in the field.

It was truly a career acceleration for me when I first went out on my own in the business of designing e-publications. My work is now viewed and used by millions of customers who first accessed my online graphic design shop through internet publications.