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YUMPU Products At A Glance

YUMPU Products At A Glance

There is more to the popularity of YUMPU Publishing than meets the eye. Have a look at the YUMPU products. When you first come across you would be forgiven for thinking that they are just your average, run-of-the-mill, online flipbook publisher. Not because their website looks average (it’s awesome!), but because the online flipbook publishing market is saturated and we think we have heard it all before. We are overcrowded with average products from average companies. For this reason, when we go to a new online publisher, we publishers have pretty low expectations. We are used to disappointment, am I right?

Well, think again!

Everything you once thought about flipbook animation publishing, and all its limitations and complications, you can forget. When it comes to flipbook publishing is way ahead of the curve.  Attracting over 1500 users a day, and growing, the news about YUMPU and its services and products are spreading at an astronomical rate and the site is incredibly popular all over the world. I always was skeptical of a new publishing website and the hype I’d hear about it. For over nine years I have been sharing my magazines online. I never once changed my publishing provider, even though I knew the service was not great. I was always amazed at how other publishing sites never kept up with trends in publishing; it was like they never saw the digital revolution coming even though they provided an online service?  That all changed when I found YUMPU Publishing.

It’s has a range of products and services that allow you to have complete control over your publications. That is able to offer a vast spectrum of services. has it all. Ranging from the totally free for hobbyist and small scale publications, right through to efficient, complex, and functional professional publication packages. Trust me when I say YUMPU has the perfect product for you. I have taken a little time to share a brief overview of what they offer below and once you see for yourself what they can do, you will never look back!   

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Your Magazine, Millions of Readers – for FREE!

This is exactly what it says it is. A free product that offers you all the basic services you’d need to publish a magazine, newspaper, newsletter, or even photo album. Complete with cloud hosting, for ease of use, this free product is quick, easy, and hassle-free.

When you upload your PDF file to they do all the hard work for you. It gives you an optimized flipbook ready for use across social media and ready for sharing, all for free.

You can make the publications come to life. Add video and audio files at the click of a button. Again all for free. No limits, no catches, no worries. To get started in HTML5 flipbook publishing this is the perfect free tool.

adFREE Plan

Individual visibility settings for your magazines!

If like me, you can generate a revenue stream through advertising in your publications, then you can’t afford to have third-party advertisers in your magazines. knows this and therefore, has created a tailor-made package for you called adFREE.

At only $19.95, the Ad-Free package offers you all of the features of the free publication with the extra bonus of being totally third-party advert-free.

Along with being advert-free, you can also receive Google Analytics reports with this package. This allows you to track users, report to stakeholders, and watch your publications’ successes grow. They also offer you different privacy settings. In this way, your magazines can remain private to the public. So the right people can get your content at the right time.


Display advertising for your products or websites!

Imagine a place where you can display all your magazines and that they can be seen by millions of people from all over the world?

You don’t need to imagine this anymore, because offers a full WEBKiosk for you. Along with the privacy and third-party advertising removed, you can then place all your publication in a bespoke, branded, and unique kiosk that can then be shared with your readership and also the site user group that is growing by over 1500  readers a day.

That is a whole lot of new customers and a whole lot of potential for your magazines and for your business.

APPKiosk Plan

After starting the app it will connect to your YUMPU account – done!

The times they are changing and nowhere as much as in digital publishing. Content, and how it is engaged with and used, has gone through a complete evolution. has always prided itself on keeping up with trends in content sharing and engagement and, therefore, they now can offer you an APPKiosk making you multiple-device friendly.

They will support you in converting publication (with audio and video!) that can be shared and saved to devices via your own branded apps, apps that are designed for both the iPhone and iPads.

For only $219 you can create apps that will wow and delight your customers and that will place your publications literally in the hands of millions of users.

PROKiosk Plan

This is the big boss of digital publishing.

The complete package that brings you everything you will need now and in the future.

The PROKiosk product from YUMPU is for those of us in publishing that are ready to stand up and be counted alongside the national and intentional publication titles. enables you to maximize your publication’s potential with total management control. You can offer in-app purchases, managed by your team of users.

Monitor and promote in-app subscriptions and many more.

You can have a full team of people operating at once via the ProKiosk allowing you to generate multiple apps, containing multiple publications that can be tailored, targeted, and monetized to match any of your clients, or your, unique publishing requirements.

Choose the YUMPU products that suit your type of business

I hope these brief insights into YUMPU Publishing’s products inspire you to log on and take a look at what they have on offer. I have only given you the tip of the iceberg; they will most certainly offer something you never thought you needed that will revolutionize who you work.

I waited far too long to change my publisher and this will have cost me both financially and professionally. Please do not make the same mistakes I did, go to the Alternatives Issuu YUMPU Publishing today and unleash your publishing potential.

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