I had found this awesome PDF about fashion trends online the other day, and I tried uploading PDF to Facebook. Sounds simple enough right? I thought so too, that was until I tried sharing the file and it just did not work. Then I found the free service www.Yumpu.com.

A friend suggested converting the file to e-paper. After researching I found a lot of services that would convert the file for a fees that I thought were too much. Reluctantly I tried one of those over priced servers and the loading time was so incredibly long many of my readers I was sharing with ended up not reading the document.

Uploading a PDF to Facebook and more awesome features!

If that was not frustrating enough, my readers using mobile devices had an awful time with the display of the file on their phones. After all of the frustration I would not even think about using that server to embed signup forms, Videos, or Audio files into a PDF and uploading a PDF to Facebook.

When I looked further into the situation I founded that most of the services out their had either all or a combination of these problems. I was just about to give up and say it could not be done right when I came upon a solution “Yumpu”.

PDF to Facebook for free

To being with Yumpu cost me absolutely nothing to convert the file into an e-paper, compared to being over charged by the other services and still not being satisfied. Yumpu was so easy to use and fast. The media integration on Yumpu allowed me to not uploading PDF to Facebook, but on all of the major social networks. My readers were even able to copy and share by email, as well embed my documents into their websites.

If you are looking to gain more readers like me, then it is important that you spread your marketing message or PDF documents on social media platforms and uploading PDF to Facebook. I had my doubts at first but after doing so in only two days I gained a substantial amount of readers (in only 2 days).

I almost forgot to mention Yumpu showed me how to make a flipbook after converting it to an e-paper it loaded so much faster, and my PDF finally could be displayed on my reader’s mobile devices.

When I looked at other services like Slideshre the fees where as much as $25.00 that’s too ,much for just uploading my PDF files to Facebook. Scribe was confusing to navigate, and had extremely long queues at times. Joomag was free but lacked the ability to share with social medias easily, and had issues with the display on mobile devices.

However Yumpu offered me the

• The ability to embed my PDF on all of my favorite social media platforms and uploading my PDF documents to Facebook

• Support of my file on all devices both mobile and desktop.

• Optimization for search engines like Google.

• A customized looks and feels. I could add logos; change the background, colors, and more.

• Full integration with all major social networks that really spread my publication quickly.

• The ability to embed Video and Audio into publications.

• A link to shop from my publication.

One of the best parts of my experience with Yumpu was the great support. I was able to find answers to questions quickly and easily. With so many services offered and backed by such great support I am convinced that Yumpu is the only tool able to put publications in the hands of millions of avid readers. I strongly recommend that if you are looking to have your publication spread like wildfire by uploading PDF to Facebook, you should visit the flipbook animation software Yumpu.com and get started putting your publication in the hands of readers everywhere.