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Why should you use a Flipbook Maker?

Why should you use a Flipbook Maker?

Flipbook Maker use is on the rise thanks to the many individuals and companies using the technology. HTML Flipbook converts PDF into easy-to-read magazine-like content that is appealing to online clients. Most PDF to Flipbook converter free lack the capacity to serve online clients. The free versions are either very expensive or have limited features. This prompted me to look online for a Flipbook Maker that has all the features I needed. Luckily, I found the YUMPU Publishing software and have never looked back. Even the free version is better than most of the professional versions available online. Below are the reasons you should use the YUMPU Publishing Flipbook Maker.

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Flipbook Maker that works on all devices

The Flipbook Creator appeals to many clients as it is responsive on all devices like mobile, tablet, and desktop. Most users worldwide use mobile phones to access content online. As a result, most PDF to Flipbook converter-free software are responsive across all the devices to serve this group of clients. It uses Flipping Book HTML5, which allows readers to zoom in on the smallest picture detail without losing quality. They can also search and access information easily and fast.

This Flipbook Maker is straightforward to use

YUMPU Publishing is easy to use as it will take you a few minutes to create a Flipbook. All you need is to upload the PDF and wait for a few minutes for it to upload. After that, you can edit the content by adding your logo, background colors and insert multimedia content. You can insert videos and audio, and links by embedding them to your website. Since YUMPU Publishing has many premium plans, you need to choose one that suits your needs.

The FREE-Plan

You can create a flipping book free online using the Flipbook Maker. You don’t have to buy the premium versions to turn PDF into a Flipbook. The YUMPU Publishing software can Convert PDF to Flipbook Free. The free online Flipbook version is better than most paid versions of Flipbook Software online.

Apart from the free versions, which have limited capabilities, several premium plans include:


In the adFREE-plan, you can upload five magazines in a day without ads showing on your website. You only pay $ 19.95 monthly but can reach your audience worldwide and incorporate multimedia elements. You can also customize your brand colors and convert them to Search engine optimized HTML content. Google Analytics allows you to analyze your HTML5 Flipbook website’s performance.


With the WEBKiosk-plan, you upload up to 100 magazines with your brand colors. You can also publish them in your subdomain by creating a professional site using your site’s drag and drop feature. You can also advertise your business or other business for extra income.


The APPKiosk-plan helps you upload unlimited magazines on your customized app and is available for android and IOS. You also get unlimited support, ensuring that you reach your customers globally by boosting your usage rate.


The PROKiosk-plan uses all the other paid versions features. You can also upload your branding into the magazines for online visibility. You can transfer to this plan from any of the lower versions.

Flipbooks Improve The Aesthetic Value Of PDF

The Free Flipbook Animation Software has many options for increasing the value of the pictures since you can customize them to eye-catching designs. The software supports various formats and file sizes without losing the picture quality.

Reduced Cost of Operation with this Flipbook Maker

Flipbook Maker reduces marketing and advertisement costs by eliminating print and distribution costs. You can also edit the content at any time online. Flipbook Maker offers a low cost of advertisement, helping businesses to stay afloat. Flipbooks are sharable, making them ideal for social media marketing for many businesses.

Sophisticated Security Options

It has built-in security features that allow the user to customize who views or download content. You can also create password protection restricting your Flipbook to only the people who have authorization. You can set a location from where a user can share or print content. The restriction or authorization is done within the publication privacy settings.

SEO Optimized

The Flipbook Animation Software is search engine optimized so people searching your content can easily find you. SEO allows indexing of your web pages by increasing your popularity online. You can edit titles and descriptions and use keywords with your brand name. Popular keywords rank high on Google searches, promoting your brand growth globally.

It Gives Insightful Marketing Information

You can know how your brand is growing or performing online through statistics tools like Google Analytics. Flipbook Maker allows you to integrate a Google Analytics account, collecting information about your products. You can know the number of searches done daily, the demographic location of the searchers, and their ages. Such information will allow you to create tailor-made content for your target audience.

How to Create A Flipping Book Online?

Visit YUMPU Publishing to create an online account. Next, upload a Flipbook PDF document and wait for a few minutes for the conversion to occur. Edit the title and description to optimize your Flipbook. Use the Flipbook Maker to embed the publication to your website. You can also share the content on social media using the share button. To protect your content, create a strong password on the Flipbook Maker platform. If need be, you can add multimedia to your publications using the add multimedia feature. Further, use the Hotspot editor to upload video, audio, and slideshows to your publication.


If you have been having problems converting your PDF to HTML5 digital format, YUMPU Publishing software is your answer and the best issuu alternative. It’s straightforward to use, and the free version has more functionalities than most Flipbook makers online. The content is also optimized for SEO and is easy to share on social media. The paid versions are even better thanks to the many functionalities and give you unlimited magazine upload. If you want to improve your visual appearance as a brand, YUMPU Publishing is the way to go.

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