PDF Flipbooks are interactive HTML based online publications. They interact with virtual page-turning reality and are slowly but surely replacing plain PDF pages, paper literature, or books. Designed with a look and feel of real book pages. PDF Flipbooks get their name from the sounds and special effect shadows of turning pages or page flipping. Convert PDF Flipbook to HTML is easy with Yumpu.com.


The original PDF files are designed to be format locked and edit protected. This makes it difficult for search engines to index their content.

The possibilities to create project themes and wholesome custom features to online publications are limitless. Versatile PDF Flipbooks from YumpuPublishing is minimizing the need for pages to be printed. Coupled with the availability of digital devices; Flipbooks are revolutionizing the global reading content library. Due to the ability for interaction and viewer control with any PDF HTML Reader. Colors and pictures within Flipbook publications have an intense vibrancy. Moreover, crisp graphics jump right off the viewer’s phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop screen.

It is possible to integrate interactive features such as video, audio, photo and links to customize the design in the PDF flipbooks. There is something for everyone. Photojournalists present their art, companies their price brochures and restaurants their digital menus.

Anyone can use a PDF Flipbook and corporates to commercial proprietors as well as individuals that need a savvy way to make invitations, publications or portfolios need to keep them at the contemporary level of technology.

Why are PDF HTML Flipbooks the Publishing Tool of choice at yumpu.com?

YumpuPublishing, the free flipbook animation software, can now Convert PDF Flipbook to HTML for annual corporate business reports, employee manuals, real estate property brochures, and charity information pamphlets as a vital means of communication.

To digitally publish plain PDF into HTML PDF Flipbooks or to include your HTML in PDF, the conversion is necessary, and that where Yumpu takes over.

The Yumpu free digital publisher the popular newsstand are vital to the fast-growing online niche of publication customization services available for magazines, flipbooks, brochures, catalogs, and a wide variety of reading materials.

Over millions of magazines bring a bevy of readers to Yumpu for the emerging trends in fashion, arts, culture, hyper-local content, and user-specific design nuances.

Free uploading of content to the Yumpu PDF HTML Converter results in dazzling quality content in an elegant Flipbook format within a few seconds.

Features of Yumpu’s Free PDF Flipbook to HTML5 Converter

Yumpu’s PDF Flipbook to HTML Converter is free. It incorporates everything needed to start unlimited, multi-device supported, and search engine optimized content publishing.

For additional features for your PDF Flipbook for example, when embedding logos or media (video, image, etc.), the cloud-hosted online service has paid plans that are fully integrated with the consumer marketplace.

Here’s an example of what a video looks like in the PDF Flipbook:

PDF Flipbooks can be linked-to websites, blogs, e-shops, and social media sites.

Yumpu’s software converts PDF files and provides simple operation, such as hiding page previews and creating animations with HTML5.

Traditional PDF’s lack the display responsiveness. The content layout are singular to the point of making product publications appear bland to the reader.

Online and offline versions of the published flip pdf allow for local or website server upload as well as cloud storage on www.yumpu.com.

Advantages of Yumpu’s convert a PDF Flipbook to HTML tool include

  • The optimized content of Yumpu’s HTML Flipbooks indexes and renders the PDF Flipbook faster for search engines.
  • Page loads are optimized. The content has clarity with zoom settings.
  • Easy to read content on all devices
  • Selection of text, images or videos is more comfortable with PDF Flipbooks
  • The stability of files in HTML helps in the high-speed rendering of Flipbooks
  • There are different view modes (single and double-page views)
How to Convert PDF Flipbook for HTML with Yumpu’s Free Converter

Import PDF files and choose the scenes and templates to publish into Flipbook mode. The output file for upload to websites, etc. are in HTML format.

The PDF Flipbook converter offers options of either flash/HTML5 or pure HTML5 Flipbooks. It gives the all-webpage embed code with the URL of the Flipbook.

Creating flip magazines and Flipbooks have never been easier with the Yumpu PDF Flipbook to HTML converter. The paid plans offer publishers many options such as higher privacy settings, no ads, and custom brand logos.

Yumpu’s PDF HTML Flipbook paid plans are the Free Plan, the adFREE Plan, the WEBKiosk plan, the APPKiosk plan, and the PROKiosk plan.

The variants include easy to use features that add great aesthetic value to your Flipbook publications.

E-publishing production at Yumpu only requires that your pictures and other content are in PDF file format before uploading to the digital reader.

Sharing is more accessible as no PDF HTML reader needs to be downloaded. HTML5 is the international browser standard for Flipbook display or interaction on all current devices.

Start Your PDF Flipbook to HTML Conversion at www.yumpu.com today

Yumpu’s site features project ideas for totally free uploading, creating online publications, using cloud storage, and link sharing of PDF Flipbook content.

All device support for uploaded PDF files is offered while interactive features add music while embedding Flipbook projects on social media walls.

The flipbook link can be inserted into the e-mail. When clicking on the link, the flipbook opens in the browser. The reader can easily flip through the flipbook.