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Insert PDF into WordPress with this easy solution[➜ Tutorial]

Insert PDF into WordPress with this easy solution[➜ Tutorial]

You can convert PDF files into flippable PDFs and then insert PDF into WordPress. With YUMPU Publishing, it’s even more comfortable. YUMPU Publishing’s free digital PDF upload and WordPress embedding enables authors to attach their flippable PDF onto their posts without the use of plug-ins. In other words, a flippable PDF is the versatile HTML 5 built version. This replacing the plain of old PDF files as a means of interactive publishing. YUMPU Publishing lets you insert PDF into WordPress Blog Posts using a simple embed code. That brings the wholesome features associated with online PDFs into a blog page. The interactivity of flippable PDF files coupled with the intensity of graphics and optimized texts. A fully browser-compatible PDF document works seamlessly on IE 10, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. The flippable PDF is viewed in just a few clicks in a WordPress blog post.

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What is a flippable PDF?

You need a PDF document to get a flippable online PDF Flipbook, Magazine, Catalog, etc., which results in numerous content enrichment for the document’s reader. YUMPU Publishing’s publishing mode provides for digital marketers and WordPress bloggers, interactive features, and additional options.

Reader engaging content that flippable PDFs are taking to the blogging sector includes

  • links to other sites, pop-up notifications

  • mouse over text actions

  • animations

  • videos

  • Google Analytics

  • and more

The features that YUMPU Publishing provides for uploading, converting, and inserting PDF files into WordPress are part of every blogger’s program.

Insert PDF into WordPress on the laptop with the help of YUMPU Publishing

Other features with YUMPU Publishing to insert PDF into WordPress

  • Direct social media sharing of digital flippable PDF publications on social websites or applications.

  • SEO indexing of flippable PDF content is quicker and more likely to result in higher rankings for added traffic.

  • Accessing statistical analytics shows the number of times a publication is read or homepage visits in real-time.

  • Free and pre-formulated design templates with multiple themes simplify setting up or modifying flippable PDFs for unlimited publications.

  • Animation enriched digital content with the editor and video, audio, or image button enhancements with the page editor.

  • YUMPU’s flippable PDF is HTML 5 based software that allows the creation of responsive PDF files with HTML, jQuery, and CSS3.

Insert PDF to WordPress with YUMPU Publishing

For augmented online blog content relevance and the ability to offer bonus posts to subscribers, publishers must keep ahead of the digital curve. The traditional PDF viewer formats are rapidly threatened with extinction. Readers do not like having to browse pages or download the simple PDF files that blogs offer. YUMPU Publishing allows the display of highly visual content portfolios. The readers don’t need to click on links or download PDF’s have to see the flippable PDF.

The dominant platform for PDF, e-paper, virtual magazine electronic content reading is now HTML based flippable online PDFs. These are conversant with tablets, desktops, and smartphones. Flippable PDF on WordPress has become a popular way to present documents, magazines, flipbooks, catalogs, brochures.

Through hard work, innovation, and determination, YUMPU Publishing has grown to a global publishing phenomenon. YUMPU Publishing has garnered a reputation as a trustworthy and accessible flippable PDF converting, embedding, and sharing reader-friendly software. Over millions of online publishers are represented by a host of flippable online PDFs. These include magazines, flipbooks, catalogs, brochures, etc. This is displayed on the site—user accessing content which is available in different countries worldwide.

Features of YUMPU Publishing’s flippable PDFs publishing service

Free Plan

YUMPU Publishing offers a free plan where only one PDF file needs to be uploaded. This PDF becomes a flippable PDF magazine, an HTML5 Flipbook, catalog, etc. Audio, video and links can be inserted without any problem. There is the option to add the flippable PDF on websites and blogs. The Free plan included many more options.


The adFREE-plan from YUMPU Publishing lets digital content publishers individualize their presence with page-flipping publications. Without third-party advertisements, the freedom to navigate publications, uninterrupted. Further, the plan also offers a secure link for sharing, password protection, and a Google Analytics tracker. More possibilities can see in the picture that I included.


With the WebKiosk plan, you can publish your flippable PDFs under your own domain. All your publications are on your individualized webpage. There is also the possibility to adjusted the logo and the color scheme. Self-managed adverts, online bookshelf, and private own publication viewership for readers are some of this plan’s advanced features.

YUMPU Publishing plans


Flippable PDF publications on the go are the manageable and inexpensive solution that the AppKiosk assures. The AppKiosk is dedicated to delivering publication content through the iOS AppStore. Total customization of layouts and design is possible for content stored on the reader’s device for offline reading.


YUMPU Publishing’s ProKiosk is the product of choice for flippable online PDF publishing at a professional level. Moreover, the ProKiosk coupled with expert support from the YUMPU Publishing team. Functional, great looking, and seamlessly delivered content results in potentially monetize-able publications. For example, these are complemented by in-app payments, content sales, and multi-managed user options.

4 Steps: How to Insert PDF into WordPress Blog Post

1.) Go to YUMPU Publishing and upload your PDF document (it’s free!)

2.) Click on the embed below your PDF magazine and copy the embed code of your magazine

3.) Insert the embed code into your wordpress blog post.

4.) That’s it! Now your flippable PDF file is on your blog post.

Side note: For instance, you can also start uploading PDF to Facebook or upload PDF to Twitter.

What are the advantages of “Insert PDF into WordPress Blog Post”

There are many advantages of using YUMPU Publishing’s insert PDF into the WordPress blog post function.

Some of the main highlights that flippable PDF documents bring to the WordPress blogging platform include:

  • User-friendliness and readership convenience of flippable PDF documents on WordPress blog posts improve SEO rankings. Quicker indexing and rendering increase the SEO ranking too.

  • Advanced options for navigating documents where zooming options, selectable text, and augmented user controls YUMPU Publishing’s flippable PDF offers zoom on WordPress blog pages. This is as opposed to the time-consuming scrolling offered by PDF viewers or downloadable formats. Flippable PDFs offer optimized single and double-page views.

  • Faster rendering time since the flippable PDF is read as an easy to load HTML file by browsers.

  • More straightforward modifications like updating, adding, or removing content.

  • To get real-time user interaction data for published content in real-time, Analytics can be integrated into the flippable PDF in WordPress blog posts.

  • Compatibility issues and third-party plug-ins or PDF reading software are done away with as all modern browsers readily accept the highly graphical nature of flippable PDFs on WordPress blog posts.

Due to PDF files’ popularity because of flexibility and size, sharing them online has always been easy. Flippable PDFs have added a whole lot of features to the ordinary formats.

Whether flippable or not-flippable, PDF documents can be inserted into WordPress blogging sites using either the default upload method. For local or online PDFs or the embed feature. YUMPU Publishing and custom PDF into WordPress embedder plug-ins are also available on WordPress blog sites. The insertion of a flippable media library into blog posts is possible.

WordPress blogging pages must embed or insert fade-out PDF content that is authentic to the viewer to engage readers and potential prospects.

My Conclusion

My experience as a blogger was great with YUMPU Publishing. I would recommend anyone who wants to insert PDF into WordPress Blog Post.

It was an excellent experience without any problems. It offers an incredible amount of features and is the best thing that could happen to me.

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