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Upload PDF to Twitter in 2 minutes

Upload PDF to Twitter in 2 minutes

I was looking for a solution to upload PDF to Twitter and my various social media platforms and finally found an answer to my problem to upload PDF to Twitter: the free PDF sharing solution YUMPU Publishing. With this software, you can share PDF files on Twitter, Facebook, and more!

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How to upload PDF to Twitter

  1. Log in or register for free in YUMPU Publishing.

  2. Drag & drop PDF documents.

  3. Open the magazine you just created & copy the link of the flip magazine.

  4. Go to Twitter & create a new Tweet where you add the link.


As you can see you do not need a huge knowledge base to share PDF on Twitter!

Could not be simpler

p.s.: you can find the more detailed version further below.

Before I found this software I was running across some of the following problems when I tried to upload PDF to Twitter: sharing a PDF either didn’t work or was too complicated, other services charged too much, and readers could not open the files online or on their mobile devices.

But this software solved all these problems for me.

It allowed me to upload any pdf file and share it on my Twitter and Facebook account for free!

And as you just saw, the steps to sharing/uploading PDF to Twitter are as easy as they can get.

If you want to add other functions to your PDF, you can use my code to buy a plan and test it out. Use my code, and secure 25% for 12 months on all plans now! Simply enter the code RobertT25 when buying.

Sneak peek of my favorite feature

You also don't want to miss another skyrocket benefit.

I had no success ranking my PDF files on top of the Google search results.

But after converting my PDF’s to an online magazine, I could embed it to my homepage + I got 65% more clicks for my online content.

After three weeks I could see my online magazines on top of the Google search results which increased my business value remarkably.

How cool is that?

But that's not all.

Because of their clever technology to optimize my content for search engines like Google, I could also find the pictures I used within my content on top of the image search results.

I could not believe what just happened until I could see the rise in traffic on my sites and the big amount of revenue.

This software was so user-friendly and saved me many headaches.

It allowed anyone to view the PDF file from whatever kind of device the person was using, this includes mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, etc.

The other problem I was able to solve with this software was the payment required, which was nothing! YUMPU Publishing is absolutely free of charge!

As for uploading PDF files, it couldn’t be any easier.

Step-by-step Guide for uploading and sharing PDF on Twitter

There are a lot of tutorials out there but most aren’t really that helpful, so if you wonder how to make a flipbook and then share documents with this web page, follow these steps:

  1. Select your PDF files, then drag & drop or upload files (PDF pages)  to the YUMPU Publishing. The software will convert your PDF to flip book, ePaper, eMagazine, and so on.

Upload PDF to Twitter on YUMPU Publishing

  • Once you have completed this process, the file will load, and the site will ask you to log in to your gratis account.

Sign up for free (you need your email address + a new password)

If you don’t have one, you can just create a free one.

  • Open the created magazine and copy and paste the link.

Copy link

  • Then go on the  Twitter website, login to your Twitter account and create a new Tweet, where you insert this link. But remember the characters limit which is only 280 characters long, so keep it rather short.

    To spice up the post a little bit, take a screenshot of the magazine in fullscreen mode and attach it as a photo.

Create new tweets

Also insert a nice title direct before the link, so your readers know what you just shared.

  • Hit the “Tweet” button.

As you can see, making flipbooks is really simple + done in no time. And sharing them is easy too! All your followers have to do now is to click the link and start to read!

The need to share your information has never been greater in this age of technology.

Most services are now promoted online, and people are constantly on different social media platforms looking for services that may fit what they are looking for.

There is no better way to promote your information than uploading a PDF file to Twitter

The responses I got from my followers and readers were impressive!

Honestly, I could not have thought of a better reaction.

They loved that I shared my PDF document with images via social networks and that my PDF was actually interactive because of the flip effect and the added audio, video, and links. (These can be easily added with the Hotspot editor).

Another pro of the site is its speed and that you do not have to download anything.

The pdf files are loaded so quickly and sent off to the media of my choice.

I was not sure of how effective or appealing to the eyes it would be, so I asked a friend to log in and review the material.

Quickly I received feedback saying it looked as if the file I had uploaded came straight from a magazine.

So, I was really impressed with this software.

My next task was to log on from my phone and to check if it had the same presentation on mobile devices.

Sure enough, my mobile device was able to view the pdf file I had uploaded and was aesthetically pleasing.

Some more features of this amazing software

  • upload the PDF to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms

  • embedding capabilities

  • supports all devices

  • optimized for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

  • customizable

  • fully integrated with all major social networks

  • add a link, audio, photo, and videos

  • no download needed

  • great support service.

This site is becoming a more and more popular ePaper solution and can also be used to upload PDFs to Twitter for users.

This user-friendly site is becoming a home to emerging titles in fashion, culture, arts, and local events, all of which are accessible through any device.

In conclusion, I highly recommend you choose YUMPU Publishing for uploading PDF to Twitter and Facebook!

It for sure is my preferred way of uploading my pdf files onto social media networks.

I have not found an easier and more gratis way of doing so on any other site.

Give it a try today and stop struggling to get your information out on the web.

I hope you found this article helpful! Leave some comments/messages down below on this page in case you have any questions or some additional input And do not forget to subscribe at YUMPU Publishing!

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