After researching for a short period of time, I was able to stumble upon a site called My primary question, upon viewing there site, was what is a Flipbook? Perusing their site informed me that is a website that offers a publishing service that will take PDF files and turn them into ePaper publications. These publications will be in the form of online magazines that will simulate the experience that is able to be gained by reading through a print magazine.

This is a format that many people find to be highly enjoyable, as well as accessible. It looks great on a wide variety of devices, including tablets, laptops, and smartphones. The first step that is taken when getting published by this website is to convert all of the work that is needed to be published into a PDF file. Once this has been completed, the PDF file can be uploaded to A confirmation email will be sent to the inbox of the person who is trying to get his or her work published.

Once the email has been confirmed, the PDF file will be converted into a digital magazine format that can be customized to a customer’s heart’s desire. The digital magazine that is created will then be uploaded to a cloud where it will be saved, as well as published to’s website. But, I was still confused. What is a Flipbook?

What is a Flipbook is an incredibly common question. The answer to the question of what is a Flipbook is that a Flipbook is another term for the digital magazine that is able to produce. It is called a Flipbook because the pages seem to be flipping when a person navigates from one page to the next. Many people feel the need to as what is a Flipbook because they want to be certain that the Flipbook that they are referring to is the online publication, not the method of early animation.

Once my work had been converted into html5 Flipbook and saved in a cloud, I gained a number of different advantages. People were able to search for the name of my work, or my name, and the digital publication I had created would show up on the search engine results page. This made it much easier for people who like my work to find it. Once my work was able to be found, the viewers were able to use the handy buttons on the lower left side of the screen to easily share my work with their friends if they liked it.

This helped answer the question for those friends regarding what is a Flipbook, as well as where can I find this particular Flipbook? By making it so easy to have the digital publications shared between people on social media sites, greatly expanded the number of people who have access to my work, as well as the number of people who might purchase my work.

I would recommend that everyone use Yumpu for their online publishing needs because of the myriad of different advantages that are to be gained. One of the primary advantages that I enjoyed when using the services of is that all of the services are completely free. This is excellent for a freelance cartoonist who has not yet established himself yet. The entire process was also exceedingly easy, which removed a lot of the frustration that I may have encountered. And you can even insert pdf into WordPress blog post.


Had I experienced any problems, however, I knew that I would be able to contact technical support on the website to have my questions answered in a very short period of time. I was also able to fully customize the content in the digital publication, from the background color, to the videos I embedded, to whether or not my logo was displayed. I was fully satisfied with the end product and was able to easily answer the question what is a Flipbook? The answer is that it is an awesome way to get my work out onto the internet.