HTMl5 FlipbookWhen I first started writing I originally thought that it would be easy for me just to post my material online. I quickly learned that many other services out there had technical limitations, and because I didn’t have the time to learn a complex system, these solutions simply were not feasible. Initially, blogging was a great solution for me, but as more and more people started to read my material, I knew that there had to be a better way to present it. I had heard in the past about a so called HTML5 flipbook, an exciting new web technology that lets people display dynamic content in a very visually pleasing way. I had a number of PDF files that I wanted to upload and share, but I didn’t know how to change them from PDF to HTML5.

This was not fun for me, as I was trying to publish my content as a html5 flipbook. That all changed when I found the free webservice One great thing about this service is its free and easy to use, it is very fast loading and it has tutorials as how to use it and the many features that it provides.

After viewing the two minute tutorial video clip I was impressed with how easy is to get started and by just playing around with it I was inspired to create some very innovative brochures for my golf outing group.

The one feature you will notice about is it adds that “wow” factor to any publishing medium you are creating. If your goal is to get your material read then is the service that you are looking for. is a very new digital newsstand as well as a digital desk top publisher platform which boasts over 20 million, e-magazines as well as several millions of very active readers who use mobile devices and html5 flipbook. Yumpu’s main element is the leading new and emerging titles one finds in the fashion world as well as culture, some arts, and the developing hyperlocal content. makes all of these elements accessible on any of your desk top or mobile devices. Many mainstream online publications use the software and it is very compatible as it creates a html5 flipbook from your PDF, which is readable on any device. made it extremely easy for me to convert my documents with their flip book creator. Unlike other platforms that wanted to charge me an arm and a leg, made it easy for me to afford just what I wanted. They even let people publish their material for free. Not only did they have great solutions for PDF to HTML5 flipbook conversion, but they also had a ton of additional features that other companies did not have.

html5For example, lets me take my video and audio files and integrate them directly into my HTML5 document. This creates an extremely immersive experience for my readers, and it has helped me to engage more people. Likewise, I can even integrate sign-up forms right on my documents, allowing me to let users join a mailing list. This greatly increased my communication capabilities with my readers.

I would recommend to any professional such as a doctor, a lawyer or accountant as well as a start up business person who cannot afford support staff or more professional graphic publication systems. Many of these professionals use mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones and a html5 flipbook is perfect to read on these devices. This is why I absolutely love and it’s html5 flipbook and my friends all have said the same.

Its compatibility to many different desktop and mobile devices places it on the cutting edge of multi capable desktop and mobile publishing programs.

It can be easily embedded on your favorite platform for easy access and use such as a website portal or even Facebook. Another wonderful feature of is that it allows you to really customize the look and feel of your publication creation and it will be a plus for professionals that may not be able to afford a professional desktop publisher or even an assistant. Many of these professionals use a html5 flipbook to publish their stuff.


I love the accessible customer support that is on stand by to assist. What I did not pick up in the tutorial I easily picked up with a quick link to customer support.

Anyone who is in need of a HTML5 flipbook conversion should definitely consider this flip book creator. I never thought a publishing solution would be so easy. I was even more blown away to hear about the free services that they offered. I’m glad that I have found and I know my readers are too. They’re now able to enjoy rich, immersive, and engaging content. Finding such a great publishing platform has allowed me to focus more on my writing and photography allowing me to be better at what I do. Were other PDF to HTML5 flipbook conversion services failed, was able to meet and exceed all of my expectations.