I was looking for a solution to upload my PDF files to Twitter and to my various social media platforms and found the free PDF sharing solution www.Yumpu.com. With Yumpu, you can share PDF files on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Before I found this site I was running across some of the following problems when I tried to upload PDF to twitter: sharing a simple PDF either didn’t work or was too complicated, other services charged too much, and readers could not open the files online or on their mobile devices. Yumpu.com solved all these problems for me. It allowed me to upload any pdf file and share it on my twitter and facebook account for free!

This site was so user friendly and saved me many headaches. It allowed anyone to view the PDF file from whatever kind of device the person was using, this includes mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, etc. The other problem I was able to solve with this site was the payment required, which was nothing! This site is absolutely free of charge! As for uploading PDF files, it couldn’t be any easier.

This is what a Flipbook Tweet looks like:

The steps for uploading and sharing are as follows:

  1. Upload or drag your pdf file to Yumpu.com. Yumpu Upload
  2. Once you have completed this process the file will load and the site will ask you to log in to your free account. If you don’t have one, you can just create a new one. nubuntuTwitter
  3. Open the created magazine and copy the link.Url
  4. Then go on Twitter and create a new Tweet, where you insert this link. To spice up the post a little bit, take a screenshot of the magazine in fullscreen mode and add it as a photo. Also insert a nice title before the link, so your readers know what you just shared.


The need to share your information has never been greater in this age of technology. Most services are now promoted online and people are constantly on different social media platforms looking for services that may fit what they are looking for.

How better to promote your information than upload a PDF file to Twitter

I must say, as you probably are at the moment, I was skeptical. I was unsure uploading PDF to Twitter and Facebook, the media that I use the most, as there are so many ads placed online. However, after 2 days I quickly changed my mind as I was getting responses to the services I had put out there.

speedOne of the pros of the site is it’s speed. The pdf files are loaded so quickly and sent off to the media of my choice. I was not sure of how effective or appeasing to the eyes it would be, so I asked a friend to log in and review the material. I quickly received feedback saying it looked as if the file I had uploaded came straight from a magazine. I was quickly impressed with this site. My next task was to log on from my phone and to check if it had the same presentation. Sure enough my mobile device was able to view the pdf file I had uploaded and was aesthetically pleasing.

Some of the features offered by this site are as follows:

  • Upload PDF to Twitter
  • embedding capabilities
  • supports all devices
  • optimized for search engines
  • customizable
  • fully integrated with all major social networks
  • can add a link
  • great support services.

This site is becoming a more and more popular ePaper solution and can also be used to upload PDF to Twitter. This user friendly site is becoming a home to emerging titles in fashion, culture, arts and local events, all of which are accessible through any device.

In conclusion, I highly recommend yumpu.com for Uploading PDF to Twitter and upload PDF files to Facebook as my way of uploading my pdf files on to social media networks. I have not found a more easier and free way of doing so on any other site. I also have not heard a complaint of not being able to open the content and view the material! Give it a try today and stop struggling to get your information out on the web.

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