It doesn’t matter whether I’m trying to read a PDF file on my phone, my tablet or my clunky old computer in the basement, with Yumpu everything loads before I can say Rumplestilsken. One click and boom, even the biggest of PDF files is quickly and smoothly displayed on my screen.

Lightweight PDF Reader Designed by Experts calls its system “ePaper”, or “electronic paper”, which renders text on the screen perfectly every time. While nothing can replace good old-fashioned “dead tree” technology, ePaper looks nearly identical to the real thing.

With simple, intuitive instructions, even a complete novice can upload or read PDF files in seconds. No special software, drivers or other files need to be downloaded to your computer. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re using the latest generation of tablets or logging on to the web with an ancient PC, Yumpu works for absolutely everyone.

PDF Reader Features:

Yumpu is simple and easy to use, but packs a powerful punch.

  • ePaper is a cinch to embed on almost any website or platform, including blogs and most major social media sites.
  • Documents stored on Yumpu are perfectly optimized to be indexed by Google and other prominent search engines so that readers can easily find you.
  • One click button for sharing on Facebook and other social media sites.
  • Lightning quick load time for even the most complex PDF documents.
  • Supports hyperlinks, videos and audio files.
  • Cloud storage means never losing your precious documents ever again.
  • Works on all Android and Apple mobile devices.
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux computers.
  • Perfectly designed for all browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • A community cache of over 20 million public documents and growing.

With all of these features, you’ll never need another lightweight PDF reader! It works on Windows, Macintosh, Tablets and Smartphones.

Embedding and Reading PDFs on Facebook, WordPress and Other Major Platforms

Face, it social media is a big part of our lives. But sometimes you want to share more with your friends and followers than just a picture of what you ate for lunch. Before Yumpu, sharing complex PDF documents was difficult, and not everyone’s computer or browsing device could properly render PDFs.

But with Yumpu’s lightweight PDF reader, it’s now a cinch to embed your documents on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit or your other favorite social media network. Uploading PDF to Facebook or do you want to upload PDF to Twitter? Nothing could not be easier than that.

Got a blog? Nothing could be easier than embedding a PDF on your WordPress site or other personal website. One click and you can be confident that your readers will be able to see your gorgeous documents without having to worry about downloading special software or needing the latest operating system.

The Publisher’s Friend

One of the greatest benefits of creating PDFs is that you can be sure that the final result will look exactly the way you want it to. For years, I published a four-color magazine for a major media company and all of our editions were released in PDF format. But all that’s ruined if your readers can’t load or render the PDF on their end. What to do?

With the lightweight PDF reader (for PC & Mac) from Yumpu, now even readers operating the oldest of computers can see your PDF magazine, newsletter, visual novel or graphic document crisply rendered on their screens.

There are thousands of digital magazines, brochures, flyers and newsletters already on the site, which means that millions of readers are already visiting Yumpu. When you join this growing list of hot publishers, you are accessing a vibrant reading community eager to discover the very best in art, culture, literature, fashion and writing.

Safe and Secure in the Cloud

These days, the “cloud”, or online network storage, is the way to go. With a simple click, PDF documents are uploaded to Yumpu’s website and are maintained on their battery of servers that are maintained and operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With this kind of safety and assurance, you never have to worry about losing a document again!

Simply provide your readers a link to your PDF document, and you can rest easy knowing that all of your documents will be online and available.

Crisp and Clear Every Time

This simple and easy to use free lightweight PDF reader displays documents on your screen in a perfectly rendered, easy-to-read format that looks so realistic that you’ll find yourself reaching up towards the screen to turn the page.

In my publishing business, I use top of the line computers that are replaced every six months. But I know that not everyone has the budget for high-end computers and mobile devices, so I decided to give Yumpu’s lightweight PDF reader a real workout by visiting one of my elderly relatives. When I fired up his ancient dinosaur of a PC, I was pleasantly pleased to see that all of my documents loaded just as crisp and clear as if I had been at work. Wow!

Award-Winning Customer Support

It’s not enough to just have a fancy website, because sometimes problems crop up or you simply just have a question that you want answered. Although I was impressed right away with Yumpu’s lightweight PDF reader the first time that I used it, I knew I had found the right place the first time that I had to reach out to their customer service center with a complex technical question.

The person answering the phone was incredibly helpful and was quickly able to answer my question. I was so impressed that I actually spent some time trying to think of another “problem” to ask them about, just to see if that first call had been some kind of fluke or something. Strange, I know, but these days we’ve all become to substandard customer service farmed out to mumbling foreigners overseas, and I wanted to know if Yumpu was the real deal.

Sure enough, every single time I reached out to them with a question, concern or just a simply query, I received top-notch support from a friendly and helpful person. But the best surprise came the next day when I received a call back from Yumpu just to check in with me and make sure that my problem had been resolved. It’s hard to believe that this level of customer service support even exists anymore.

PDF has been the standard document format for several decades now. Whether you PDFs for home, business or personal reasons, they’re an important part of today’s digital reality. But far too often you find yourself having to load a big app or software program that hogs up your CPU cycles and processing power. Wouldn’t it be great to have a handy, easy to use lightweight PDF reader that would load in milliseconds and works on both, PC and Mac?


Yumpu has now freed me from the shackles of ever having to worry about whether or not my PDF files can be read and displayed by my customers, friends and readers. Now I can focus my time and energy on creating my award-winning magazine and relax knowing that every pixel will be perfectly displayed by their lightweight PDF reader.

And, because all of my documents are now stored on the cloud, I never have to worry about my company servers crashing, or losing any of my files, or network interruptions. Whatever happens on MY end, I know that Yumpu’s dedicated team of professionals are maintaining their cloud servers so that my readers can log online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and dive right into my gorgeously rendered documents.

Oh, did I mention the best part? All of this, the cloud storage, the excellent customer service, the ability to embed my documents on Facebook and other social media sites, the indexing by Google and other search engines, and the perfectly rendered ePaper display of my PDF files is all FREE. Yes, that’s right. At absolutely no cost, I get this level of amazing service and technology in the form of a lightweight PDF reader at absolutely no cost. And making flipbooks is really simple with this software!

Pinch me, because I must be dreaming!

It took me a lot of research to find the perfect lightweight PDF reader but all of that time and effort was worth it. Now that I’ve found the perfect place to publish my digital files, I can now concentrate on producing the absolutely best documents that I know how.

What are you waiting for? Log onto Yumpu today and begin exploring the best that the world of digital publishing has to offer.