My dad owns a restaurant in my hometown and wanted to convert the menu card from a PDF to a free PDF Flipbook (with the Flipbook Animation Software). I wanted to make potential viewers think they were actually holding an authentic-looking menu as they viewed it online. Most major restaurant owners seek out professional help and spend thousands of dollars to market their products or create online catalogs. But we wanted to do it on our own without having to spend that much money. No one will regret using the services offered by Yumpu Publishing. The sign-up is free, so they really won’t be losing much investment by trying it out and create an animation flip book.

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Increased traffic on my flipbook? Yes, please!

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The great PDF Flip Book animation software that YumpuPublishing provides is optimized for the best search quality through Google and other web browsers.

They are able to optimize and place your content into “Power-Hubs” which will rank on top of Google’s search results.

Even the pictures from your online magazines will be on top of the search results with this free flipbook software.

Your traffic including your revenue will increase unbelievably and at the same time, you will decrease your customer acquisition costs.

The best electronic flip book software YumpuPublishing is the world’s first software tool using this combination of a digital publishing platform and Amazon’s image recognition technology with flipbooks.

But how do you go about creating an error-free PDF Flipbook? And what flipbook animation software/tool can do this without charging anything?

Well before we get started, I think it is important for you to know what actually a flipbook software is.

So, what is a flipbook software?

A flipbook software basically lets you create a flipping book online. Therefore you just have to upload your PDF file to the flipbook converter of YumpuPublishing. After a few minutes, your digital flipbook is ready.

How to use flipbook software free?

That’s an easy one. I already explained it above but here it is one more time.

  1. Once you decided which free flipbook software you want to use, you must create an account.
  2. Afterward, you can upload PDF files to the flipbook converter.
  3. Once your magazine is created with the flipping book software you can go ahead and share it on social media or embed it on your website.

That’s how easy it is to work on creating a flipbook.

flipbook animation software

How I found the best free animation software

I searched the web and found a lot of apps like Digicel flipbook that would let you create traditional animation / stop motion animation and would look average at best. Most of them were computer animation for drawing. They really weren’t what I was looking for.

I realized that it was equally necessary to try new things and get creative with my work. Almost every type of tools I tried, such as Issuu or Joomag, was only focused on how to make money selling packages. These companies were willing to offer a wide variety of services but came at a huge price.

But YumpuPublishing is different. The look of it is chic and very approachable. Things could be color coordinated and styled according to how I personally wanted them.


I decided to sign up for free and have not regretted it.

YumpuPublishing has stupendous flipbook animation software that truly makes my menu look clear as day.

I really like that the user interface is easy to use.

I wanted something that is simple to use and could naturally be flipped as if turning a page. Because PDF files really are no fun for that.

And I wanted my menu to be approachable and welcoming, personally representing my dad’s fine restaurant.

With YumpuPublishing, the restaurant menu of mine went from a boring PDF file of my computer to a sleek looking flipbook, (and I know how to make a flipbook!) with personal touches and an elegant look that was astonishing.

And the best part other than the fact that it is free and chic is the number of people it becomes available to.

How to create your first free Flipbook step by step

1. Let’s start off by creating a PDF file. Should you already have one, skip this step.
If you only have a Word Document or an Excel Sheet you can either save them as PDF, using the “Save as” function or use an online PDF converter like this one:

2. Now that you have your PDF file, go to the homepage of YumpuPublishing and create an account – it’s free of charge of course.

3. After setting up your account, drag your PDF in the upload box or choose it from your PC.


4. Your PDF will get converted. You may have to wait a few minutes

5. When the flipbook animation software has finished converting your free PDF flipbook, you can find it in the menu point “My Publications”

6. That’s it! You can always add more infos later on. Just go back to “My Publications”, click on the edit button and start adding information if needed.

Example of a menu card created with the Yumpu Flipbook Animation Software:

Millions of people are able to see my publication through the YumpuPublishing application and I can even share my flipbook via social media! This gives me plenty of peace of mind knowing that my dads’ restaurant’s menu is easily accessible to millions of people. Whether by mobile or desktop, YumpuPublishing is supported by many different platforms. And therewith ensuring your viewers/users will experience your publication with the very best flipbook animation software.

If one is skeptical, they should most certainly check it out. I mean, it is free to try.

Of course, there is also always the possibility to test the plans which Yumpu offers. There are other amazing features offered. I will explain these briefly.

responsive flipbooks
Incredible Advanced Features

If your book or magazine features modern-day elements, you are better off with the flip catalog software from YumpuPublishing.

Your PDF files are converted into flip book free that are suitable for reading on modern devices like tablet and smartphone but of course also on Windows and Mac PCs.

Your magazine will also get indexed by Google. This will gain you much more visitors than you have with any other service.

And the best of all: you can set links and add multimedia such as videos, images or audio files inside of your free PDF flip book.

Using the link feature, you can, for example, link your restaurant’s logo to your website.

free flipbook software

And if you want to get your publication out, it is easily supportive of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Yumpu is the only way your publication can easily be put in the hands of millions of viewers.

There is a reason why it is the most popular application for converting PDF files into E-paper. Because it works! And it works well.

Therefore, the best flipbook animations software is YumpuPublishing.

And if you ever happened to have any questions, their support team is on point (even though I don’t think you will need any support, as the software is really simple to use).

Conclusion PDF Flip Book

Like it or not, the web pretty much rules in today’s world!

When there is fierce competition in the gastronomy business, it is important that you give attention to what and how you publish your brochures, catalogs, flyers or menus.

I can say from my own experience, that there is not a more trusted application I would recommend to convert PDF files into the great look of PDF Flipbook.

You have the freedom to use the very best flipbook animation service YumpuPublishing for free.

Through the service at YumpuPublishing, I was able to convert my stale and boring PDF file that did nothing but sit in a folder on my computer, giving millions of viewers the ability to see my menu on an absolute incredible flipbook animation software.

I really hope this information was of help to you! Let me know in the comments what you think of this software or if there are any other tools you like better 🙂 I am happy to write more review articles about other software too!