My dad owns a restaurant in my hometown, and wanted to convert the menu from PDF to an e-paper (Flipbook Animation Software), while doing it well. I wanted to make potential viewers think they were actually holding an authentic looking menu as they viewed it electronically. I searched the web and found a lot of apps that looked average at best, and really weren’t what I was looking for. Then one day I stumbled upon a video that explained what was all about.

Here’s the video that I’m referring to:

It essentially explained to me what Yumpu was, that I could upload a static PDF file and convert it to e-paper for free. Now I have seen free apps, and naturally, I am a bit skeptical of them. But Yumpu was different. The look of it was chic and very approachable. Things could be color coordinated and styled according to how I personally wanted them.

I decided to sign up for free and have not regretted it. has stupendous flipbook animation software that truly makes my menu look clear as day. I wanted something that could naturally be flipped, as if turning a page. PDF files really are no fun for that. And I wanted my menu to be approachable and welcoming, personally representing my dad’s fine restaurant. With Yumpu, the restaurant menu of mine went from a boring PDF file of my computer, to a sleek looking flipbook with personal touches and an elegant look that was astonishing. And the best part other than the fact that it is free and and chic, is the amount of people it become available to.

Example of a menu card created with the Yumpu Flipbook Animation Software:

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Millions of people are able to see my publication through the Yumpu application, giving me plenty of peace of mind knowing that my dads restaurant’s menu is easily accessible to millions of people. Whether by mobile or desktop, Yumpu is supported by many different platforms, ensuring your viewers will experience your publication with the very best flipbook animation software. Millions of people use it daily, and with its crisp look, I don’t blame them. I was sold from the very moment I uploaded my PDF to be converted to the e-paper. has the very best flipbook animation software out there, and if one is skeptical, they should most certainly check it out. I mean, it is free to try.

Free-Flipbook-Animation-SoftwareNo one will regret using the services offered by Yumpu. And if they do, well sign-up is free, so they really won’t be losing much investment by trying it out.  The great flipbook animation software that Yumpu provides is optimized for the best search quality through Google and other web browsers. And if you want to get your publication out, it is easily supportive of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. You want to get word out of your publication when you put it online, and having the ability to publicize through social networking sites is always a benefit.

This will allow your publication to spread like wild fire when the time comes. Yumpu is the only way your publication can easily be put in the hands of millions of viewers. There is reason why it is the most popular application for converting PDF files into E-paper, because it works! And works well, I must say. The flipbook animation software is quite awesome on Yumpu.

Whether you are looking to publish a magazine through Yumpu, a resume or even a brochure, there is not a more trusted application I would recommend to convert PDF files into the great look of e-paper. You have the freedom to use the very best flipbook animation services for free. An offer like that really doesn’t come by very often. Through the service at Yumpu, I was able to convert my stale and boring PDF file that did nothing but sit in a folder on my computer, into giving millions of viewers the ability to see my menu on an absolute incredible flipbook animation software.