I had heard so much about it from friends and co-workers that I finally had to give it a try. I couldn’t be happier with my choice. This website is perfect for any designer, publisher, or Photoshop user looking to break into an online environment.

Flipbook animation problems

I kept running into the same several problems when I tried out other flipbook animations websites. Too many of them wanted to charge an arm and a leg just to convert my flipbook animations into e-paper. Others wanted to charge even more to host it. I can understand that these are businesses trying to make money, but I simply didn’t have the kind of money they were asking. It really turned me off from trying to publish my flipbooks.

Other sites were difficult to figure out or made things more complex than they needed to be. This problem plagued pay and free websites. I will admit that I don’t understand much about conversion and HTML coding, but many of these sites required a complex understanding of these processes. This was true even of sites that claimed they were simple to use and could be understood by any user!

This problem was more frustrating than the “too expensive” problem. On some sites, I worked for hours tweaking options and trying to figure out how to get my flipbook animations to display properly. I figured it out eventually, but it took too long for my liking. I had to take down my flipbook animations almost as soon as I put them up. It simply wasn’t worth the effort.

Lack of views was another problem I consistently ran into with other flipbook hosting websites. They boasted that I could get hundreds and even thousands of views a day. I left a few flipbooks up one free site just to test their claims. After two months, I finally checked my total views. I had less than 50 total views. 50! That’s less than one view per day. This problem plagued every site I tried and was the most frustrating of all the problems I ran into with other flipbook sites.

Now I understand that it takes awhile to get your name out there, but I was promoting my flipbook to friends and family (also, check out my Flipbook Infographic, which shows all the cool features!). They all checked out my flipbooks and praised them. Once they were uploaded properly, they did look great. However, these sites claimed that they would also promote my flipbook animations. They claimed that I would be getting hundreds of hits within a few months. That simply wasn’t the case. Its clear that they either lied or failed to promote it properly.

The solution is simply and free!

Yumpu.com was the best flipbook animations hosting website because it had none of these problems. First of all, its absolutely free to sign up. I signed up for a free account in less than a minute. Yes, there are pay options, but you don’t need to utilize these to get the same Yumpu.com experience.

It was also the easiest website to use. It only took a few minutes to generate the e-paper for my flipbooks. All I had to do was click the “upload PDF” button, and select my flipbook from my personal files. It takes only a few seconds to upload. After you upload, you need to title the flipbook or “magazine.” The title is important, because it helps generate search terms for your magazine. Type your title and hit “okay” to create your flipbook.


And its as easy as that! You can tweak options if you like, but its not necessary. You can then click your flipbook, flip through the pages, print it out, and share it with others. That’s why I would suggest Yumpu to anybody interested in promoting flipbooks, magazines, PDF files, or e-books. Its simple, fun, and free. Best of all, it supports a variety of mobile and desktop devices, generates search engine optimization terms, and can be embedded in social media sites. Sign up for a free account today. Learn how to create a HTML5 flipbook here (with tutorial).

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