Over the last 5 years there has been a boom in online publishing service websites.  They are all fighting for your business and are all trying to rival the market leader, Issuu.  Today I can proudly present the 3 best issuu alternatives. Click here to visit the final overall Winner – Yumpu Publishing!

Award Winner Yumpu


logo yumpu




Full review

+75 features, traffic boost and 100% Free!

  Create online magazines for FREE
  Traffic Booster
  Add audio, video and links
  Embed in your website or blog
  +75 addidtional features

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Award Second


logo uniflip


four stars for uniflip



  Friendly flipbook creator
  Tone and languages they use are welcoming and warm
  8 days of a free trial (in 8 days I will forget to cancel the account)
  $ 17 / Upload or $79/year
Award Third


issuu logo


four stars for issuu



  Simple to use
  They have led the market for a long time
  A little inflexible, and frankly expense in comparison to the others
  Great packages for those willing and able to invest a fair bit of cash