Challenge: A flip book with a video inside

When I was looking for a way to really spice up my presentation to impress my professor with a flip book which had a video inside, I went to all the usual places., Slideshare, Magcloud, and probably a dozen others. None of them gave me the ability to quickly and easily take the pdf document I’d created, and turn it into a flip book with a video without a lot of technical know how, a fee, or both. allowed me to create my flip book for no cost, and it took a few minutes with the click of a single button. is, in short, a website that does all the heavy lifting for me. I just created an account, and once I had it I logged in and went to the main page. I uploaded my pdf document to the page, and asked it to create a flip book. The website did the rest, taking the pdf document and chopping it up into a neat, flipbook that made me really stand out among my classmates. Then, all I had to do is to place the video inside of my flipbook with the help of the yumpu editor – it was easy. Having great content was a necessity, and I had to learn the presentation backward and forward in order to really deliver my points, but my choice of center piece really made me stick out in a good way.

The Brilliance of Flip Book Video

video-flipbookWhether you’re making a class project, a work proposal, or you just want viewers on your webpage to pay attention to something new and different, a video inside of a flip book is the way to go. This is especially true if you don’t have a lot of technical skills, like me, and you’re running a small or a one-man (or one-woman) operation. If you’re not technically proficient, or you don’t have the budget to do something big like a full-scale presentation, then a flip book with a video can often get the job done more than adequately. All I needed was a simple pdf file, and I was good to go from that point onward.

It’s not a one-time success, either. has become something of a trade secret among my friends and family, at least in part because I used it first. My cousin had a research proposal she was working on, my dad had a report he wanted to jazz up for his bosses, and my younger brother needed a good grade in his history class. I told each of them about, sat down with them, and showed them how it worked. All it took was one time, and they’ve never looked back to boring old power points or folded handouts again.

Quickest, and Easiest, Solution

Ever since I did so well on my presentation I’ve started looking for other places that could be improved by these flipbooks. So I decided to create a magazine, and to try it out in that format. Believe it or not it worked pretty well, though I had to fiddle with the settings a bit to get it just right. I put it up on my website, and people started noticing. I got a lot of comments, and a lot of emails asking how I’d made that kind of flip book. Once I started adding them more often, I started telling my users about as well. Some of them checked it out, and while not everyone has used it, more than a few people wrote me back and said thank you for the tip.


The conclusion

With technology moving as fast as it is, people don’t need to be programmers and software developers to create a unique, noticeable product anymore. Heck, I consider it a good day if I remember all my passwords. Even so, I can create unique, worthwhile content with the click of a button that draws in viewers, and that has gotten me and my site noticed.

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