I no longer wonder what is a flip book and how can it help my business because now I know and want to share it with you so that it can be of help to you.

What is a flip book used for?

I’ve seen them in the forms of magazines, brochures, flyers, resume, and many more. Basically anything I can put into PDF form can be converted into what is a flip book! It has given me an advertising advantage over my local competition. Now I’m proud to give out my business card and direct potential customers to my website because I know they will see my awesome catalog. I see the positive impact the catalog does to my store as online sells have increased and so has my number of subscribers to the newsletter.

I was once in your shoes unsure if it would be easy enough for me to do on my own and I’m here to tell you that it is indeed very easy and simple to use. Once I used it I found myself always wanting to put things in what is a flip book application. I like the way it makes documents easier to read and that makes me more likely to read them. The service from yumpu.com is also free! Yes, I said free! I watched a video that you can also watch here, to see exactly how to convert PDF files into an ePaper. Making flipbooks is really simple and if being used for business, customers will thank you:

What is a flip book intended for?

I find that it is an easier way to absorb text while making everything more interesting to whoever is reading it. An online flip book is more fun and practical than an actual printed version of the same information. It also gives me the power to reach those I may have never reached in previous years. People can now view my catalog on their computers, tablets and smartphones. So now when I talk about my furniture store or hand out business cards, I see them look it up on their phones and begin flipping through my catalog. So for me it is intended to help better promote my furnishings and increase sells. What you will need it for will rely on what you plan on gaining by using it.

I see that online flip books make great advertising for any business that is trying to increase interest. It can also be used for organizations or individuals that want to bring awareness online. They can be eye catching and simple to use for users of all ages. Maybe you’re a photographer and want to showcase all your photos for potential clients. A flip book would be an innovative and creative way to gain more business. Also I like them being used for magazines. When I see an online fashion, health or home décor magazine, I’m not surprised when I find out that Yumbu was responsible for it. What is a flipbook should no longer be the question, now you should be thinking of a great way to use one for yourself.

My Summary

I enjoyed the services I received from Yumpu.com because it was easy, simple and free to use. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in making an online flip book. I like that it is a socially driven platform as well and I was able to integrate it to my business Facebook and twitter pages. They are a highly sought after company that delivers a great web app for PDF to ePapers conversion. Just visit the site and see for yourself the top quality they produce. Finally, customer service was fast and helpful; they got back to me within a good time frame. I will be using them again, I’m sure. Now that you know “what is a flip book” and the company that can deliver a free service, use it for whatever PDF files you want!