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Read online magazine and always be up to date

Read online magazine and always be up to date

The demand for print magazines has experienced a significant dip in recent years. Magazine stands see fewer and fewer people stop to pick up the latest issues of their favorite magazines as the days go by. To address this decline in demand for print copies, publishers have deployed measures such as slashing subscription rates, but none have worked. However, the magazine industry is doing well and arguably poised for better days. As opposed to buying hard copies, readers now prefer to read online magazine on YUMPU News. Though there were questions as to how viable and sustainable digital magazines are, readers now prefer reading online magazines. This is what has contributed to the decline of the demand for print copies. Rather than wait for their scheduled weekly magazine time, you can now read any of the best magazines via their phones anywhere and at any time of the day. For any magazine lover, the option to read a magazine online on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet and the idea that all the popular magazines can be easily accessible all year round are worth exploring.

Read online magazine now – YUMPU News!

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Read online magazine using Laptop or Phone

Thanks to the digitization of the magazine industry, the cost of production has reduced significantly. Whereas publishers had to spend millions of dollars on printing and millions more for distribution, costs are now reduced to designing the actual magazine.

Once the design is complete and uploaded on a website or other digital medium, it becomes accessible to millions of users. 

This has opened the industry to more publishers, resulting in a wide range of magazine options for people to read. However, with more options, it also comes a challenge. Keeping track of many magazines online is not easy. This is where YUMPU News comes in.

YUMPU News is a web platform where you can read online magazines from all your favorite publishers. Their catalog covers categories such as lifestyle, sports, science, as well as business, and other professional niches. Rather than spend time online searching for individual magazines, YUMPU News brings them all in one platform. This makes discovering new magazines even easier.

Is YUMPU News legit?

It’s one thing to promise and another one to deliver. If you want to try online magazines but have doubts about what you’re signing up for, YUMPU News has the perfect solution for you.

Before paying for the monthly flat rate, you’ll get 30-days of free unlimited access to all the magazines on the platform.

If you are not satisfied with your experience at the end of that period, there are no commitments.

However, if you enjoyed reading magazines online, you can continue your life with online magazines at a small monthly fee (9,97 € per month).

Find your favorite magazine

Even if YUMPU News is home to a multitude of magazines, it is easy for a user to find a specific one.

Key in the name of the magazine you want on the search panel and in it will be displayed in a matter of seconds.

Want to read on articles or stories from previous issues? No problem you must click on the magazine, and the next page will display all the issues of that magazine.

When you want to find magazines with information on specific subjects, YUMPU News has a discover option that you can use to filter magazines using categories.

It’s justifiable to wonder how experience is affected when reading a magazine online. Fortunately, YUMPU News has tackled all these issues and ensured readers can choose between viewing options such as double-sided or one-sided.

Is Web the Only Way to Access YUMPU News?

The primary objective of YUMPU News is to give magazine lovers a plethora of magazine options that are easily accessible. Since many people access the internet via mobile devices, the YUMPU News website is mobile optimized. This ensures that smartphone users will get just an immersive experience as those using computers.

Also, to ensure convenient access, YUMPU News have an app in the AppStore and in Google Play.

With print magazines, it was easy to judge quality even before unwrapping. The glossy printing paper used for high-end magazines was part of what made magazines exciting to read. When you read a digital magazine, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the greater quality on offer.

The content and the designs of magazines on YUMPU News are impeccable. However, the best part is the high-definition images that make the reading experience immersive.  

If you love magazines, there’s probably one or two that you have to read the moment new issues are released. In this regard, YUMPU News is your best friend. If new magazines are added, you get a message.

The platform also has a personal space “MyKiosk” where you can add magazines to your favorite lists, bookmark, and discover new magazines. If there’s a new issue for any of the magazines in your favorite list, you will get a notification.

Share my subscription

To ensure you get the most value from your subscription, YUMPU News allows up to five profiles to be created per subscription. As such, an additional four members of your family can have their own profiles with the same access at no extra cost.

Whether it’s your spouse or your children, YUMPU News has a wide range of magazines for different age groups. Each profile will have a dedicated personal space.

Though YUMPU News is a web-based platform, you do not require to have access to the internet at all times. There are situations when you need to unplug and have some alone time with your favorite magazine. YUMPU News gives users the option to download magazines, allowing you to put your phone on airplane mode and read undisturbed. The download feature is especially useful when you’re traveling to an area with poor reception. You can read your magazine in your app offline.

Why to read online magazine?

In all honesty, there’s a thrill about turning the pages of print magazines that’s hard to leave behind. As a person who’s not tech-savvy, loves print, and rarely conforms to change, I didn’t expect to be reading magazines from my phone.

With YUMPU News, you do not get a replacement for print magazines but a new way to experience your favorite content. The quality and immersive features give each article an extra dimension you can’t get on print. Of course, there is also the fact that you can read an unlimited number of magazines for just € 9.97 a month. I’m excited.

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