issuu alternative

Free ISSUU Alternative? Yep, plus tons of features!

Here's the thing: I spent a lot of time looking for alternatives to Issuu. I found that most of the free ones lacked features I wanted. Some of the paid services had a lot of good features, but I wanted to avoid paying. After a long search of Issuu alternatives, I came across a free alternative called Yumpu. [...]

html5 flipbook

[Solved] How to Create HTML5 Flipbook Easily + 100% Free!

I was trying to publish my content as a HTML5 flipbook and was really frustrated. That all changed when I found the free web-service One great thing about this service is its free and easy to use, it is very fast loading and it has tutorials as how to use it and many features that it provides. Within my profession, I have vast responsibilities.[...]

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A cool 100% Free Flipbook Animation Software [Tutorial]

My dad owns a restaurant in my hometown, and wanted to convert the menu from PDF to a free pdf flipbook (with a Flipbook Animation Software), while doing it well. I wanted to make potential viewers think they were actually holding an authentic looking menu as they viewed it online. Most major restaurant owners seek out professional help and spend thousands o[...]

How to Upload a PDF to Twitter? It has Never been so Easy!

I was looking for a solution to upload my PDF files to Twitter and to my various social media platforms and found the free PDF sharing solution With Yumpu, you can share PDF files on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Before I found this site I was running across some of the following problems when I tried to upload PDF to twitter: sharing a simple[...]

how to make a flipbook

How to Make a Flipbook online? Solution inside!

The free flipbook service saved my sanity possibly, and my future career definitely. As a graphic designer jumping out of my employer's shelter into my own business, I thought I knew how to make a flipbook "well enough". Then I realized there is no such adjective phrase as "well enough". You either know how to make and publish a free flipbook wit[...]


ISSUU Review – Try this awesome Alternative!

What Is Issuu? allows you to convert and publish all your PDF files online. PDF files have long been used by magazine publishers in order to send their articles to print, and bloggers are catching up. Basically, Issuu does what magazines have been doing for a while. As an individual, you can use the tools they offer and essentially build your own[...]

Embed PDF in HTML? 1-Minute Solution!

The best solution I've came across is, a free embedding solution for PDFs that doesn't have any strings attached- no fees and no ads. Yumpu converts PDF Files into electronic "magazines" which easily can be embeded into your website. That alone was enough to get my attention. It turns out that Yumpu is actually awesome. 1.) Just upload your PDF to[...]

Free Lightweight PDF Reader? Here it is!

It doesn't matter whether I'm trying to read a PDF file on my phone, my tablet or my clunky old computer in the basement, with Yumpu everything loads before I can say Rumplestilsken. One click and boom, even the biggest of PDF files is quickly and smoothly displayed on my screen. Lightweight PDF Reader Designed by Experts calls its system "ePaper[...]

Uploading PDF to Facebook for Dummies

I had found this awesome PDF about fashion trends online the other day, and I tried uploading PDF to Facebook. Sounds simple enough right? I thought so too, that was until I tried sharing the file and it just did not work. Then I found the free service A friend suggested converting the file to e-paper. After researching I found a lot of services[...]

What is a flip book and how do I use it?

I no longer wonder what is a flip book and how can it help my business because now I know and want to share it with you so that it can be of help to you. What is a flip book used for? I’ve seen them in the forms of magazines, brochures, flyers, resume, and many more. Basically anything I can put into PDF form can be converted into what is a flip book! It has[...]