Then I realized there is no such adjective phrase as “well enough”. You either know how to make and publish a flipbook with fascinating content that will grab the reader and hold them or you only know how to read one.

I wanted to both announce and post a trailer about my flipbook on Facebook. That seemed an easy enough toddler step for my graduate school education and 3 years of working for someone else. Initially I used the techniques of Magcloud with the reasoning that cloud placement of my flipbook would be to my advantage. Defeated in an instantaneous meltdown, I next attempted to utilize issu to get my flipbook assembled for network publications.

I continued but then ran into personal bugs I couldn’t eradicate. Perfecting my conceptions of how to make a flipbook were more complicated or perhaps flawed than I first thought. I went through scribd, blurb and slideshare with my perseverance flagging. Everything developed successfully with each software on how to make a flipbook until I attempted to load my work onto Facebook’s site. At that time I was stuck in a tar pit and getting deeper with every innovation.

How to make a flipbook Рthe solution

As said too often in the business, “back to the drawing board”! I researched extensively on how to make a flipbook to find what I was missing. Yumpu’s site quickly lifted me free of the tar pit I had fallen into like a neophyte. Best of all, it was free. Its next best feature was it is so easy even a graphic designer who thought he knew everything “well enough” could implement every function.

Yumpu sets everything out in four easy to follow steps, from uploading user’s material to be published into the Yumpu software through editing and exhibiting publication styles. The exciting publication styles are selected by the user for incorporating into his own work, whether it is a catalogue, brochure, instruction booklet or any other web publication being developed. has a tutorial video on how to make a flipbook which displays how very simple the application works, providing user visuals.

This service Provides Easy Professionalism

Results of my project were professional and yet attractive enough to acquire first attention. Using graphic design to augment the subject matter and keep the reader interested was success in motion. Stating the achievement is not enough, of course. The reason needs to be elaborated. Had I first researched how to make a flipbook more thoroughly, I would have realized that Yumpu was the only tool I needed that would publish my publication on Facebook or any other online media site. That publication put my work online for viewing by millions.

The technical functions delivered on how to make a flipbook by Yumpu that made the difference between failure and success for my first publication were:

  • Yumpu supports all mobile and desktop devises;
  • optimized for all browsers;
  • Software customizes, permitting user ‘s logo, own background, multitude of choices; -
  • Easily embedded on user’s website and other media;
  • fully intergrates all social networks permitting publications to millions;
  • Software embeds video and audio into user publications;
  • User can create link from pulication;
  • customer support is unequaled.


Summary software is contrary to the old saw, “Do you want this fast or good?” This software gives excellent with the speed of the internet publication. In today’s marketplace discovering a product so efficient that is also free is becoming rarer with each new innovation developed in the field. It was truly a career acceleration for me when I first went out on my own in the business of designing e-publications. My work is now viewed and used by millions of customers who first accessed my online graphic design shop through internet publications with