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How to Make a Flipbook

Then I realized there is no such adjective phrase as "well enough". You either know how to make and publish a flipbook with fascinating content that will grab the reader and hold them or you only know how to read one. I wanted to both announce and post a trailer about my flipbook on Facebook. That seemed an easy enough toddler step for my graduate sch[...]

Making Flipbooks is Really Simple

There I sat thinking, “What am I going to do?” I have to get this PDF file turned into a Flipbook. Sure, I could load it up onto the Internet as is, but then people wouldn’t be able to read it. You see PDF files are not easily searchable, so the best solution was to try making a flipbook magazine from the PDF. Still, this was a complex project. “How was I go[...]

How to make a Flipbook - Step by step

Since the flipbook was mainly to be used for marketing purposes, it was important to me that the flipbook could be integrated into a Twitter page and Facebook account. Additionally, I wanted the flipbook to be optimized for Google and Yahoo search engines so potential clients could find it easily, whether they were using a desktop computer, or a mobile phone[...]