Any freelance editor creating contents for several companies knows how it feels to be pressed for time. Precisely for that reason, I am very happy about‘s new application which enables me to quickly and securely place my contents onto my client’s websites via Dropbox.

Product launches can be very hectic at times and promotional material must always be up-to-date and released simultaneously to the launch. Most companies want to launch the finished products as soon as possible and demand that all related documents are being created and published online simultaneously.

Faster with Yumpu and Dropbox

Yumpu has always been an excellent tool to create and publish visually appealing contents on websites and apps of the client. However, often times creating the page-turning magazine using Yumpu had to be done by the client, since a client has an obvious need to be able to access statistics on traffic and contents on his website at any time. There were only two options, either the client had to share all his access information with me, or I had to sent the final product to the client who then could publish it online. This process was wasting a lot of valuable time resulting in delays of publishing the magazines.

Thanks to the Dropbox application, publishing online contents is now done much quicker than ever before: My client connects his Yumpu account with a Dropbox folder which he then shares with me. The client provides me with the contents to use to create the final product and I upload the final product in PDF format into the Dropbox folder. Yumpu detects any new PDF within a few minutes, creates a brochure, and posts it on the indicated online channels. The client receives an e-mail with a link to the finished brochure and thus, has a proof of activity as well as the possibility to control the final product.

Available immediately

The best part about it is certainly the speedy availability of all contents. Approximately 15 minutes after I have uploaded the PDF file to Dropbox, the finished magazine becomes available anywhere. For instance, when I create a brochure right before leaving the office in the evening, my sales team in South-East Asia is able to use the brand new content on their first sales call of the day. Not too long ago, we would have lost at least one whole day due to the time difference and the intermediate step via the client. It’s also a very Lightweight PDF Reader.

Of course, such close collaboration requires the confidence of the client, as potential mistakes would be published just as quickly. But as long as you established a quality professional work relationship this should not pose a problem.
If indeed a mistake has been made, the affected document can be deleted on Yumpu with just two clicks and won’t be recognized from Dropbox for uploading again. Time is money – a wisdom which applies to today’s business and media world more than ever before. Yumpu’s new feature allows faster and more efficient collaboration. Based on my experience with this application, I can fully recommend it to companies and freelancers.